Of Time and Spirit: A Tribute to My Father

This is a portrait of my dad and his quest for inner peace. I received inner peace from my dad after he found his inner peace. I think that once he was content with himself, he was deeply contented with me. The story will be told from my eyes. For those who knew him very well, they will not disagree with my overall assessment of his life.

  As life sometimes designs it, we don’t ever fully appreciate the scope and depth of our father’s love until they are no longer with us. This is the case for me. I loved my dad deeply, and he loved me deeply; but there was so much more that we could have learned from each other if we could have communicated differently. His nature was introverted, calm, and quiet. My nature was extroverted, excitable, and noisy. My dad was invisible to me when I was a child and a young man. I did not see his worth. I was blinded by my youth, inexperience, and ambitions. As an adult, my dad and I conversed in many ways, and we communicated our love.

 If my dad was living today, he would be over 101 years old. I feel his presence in my soul each day as I hope to rejoin him at my sunset and our new dawn. My dad and I will communicate endlessly.

Maurice W. Dorsey