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Businessman First

Henry and his sisters attended segregated primary schools and integrated high schools. Henry read profusely and studied hard, graduating from Roosevelt High School with honors but to the resentment of his dad.

The family had no idea Henry Jr. had plans to attend college. He worked a year at several jobs, one at the same hotel where his father worked as a bartender, washing dishes and taking out the trash. He saved his money and entered Ohio State University College.....

From Whence We Come

Seymour Rose is an African American man who is gay. He was born to a father who is Catholic and accepts his son unconditionally and a mother who is born Methodist and is homophobic—-but most of all, she tells her son throughout his life that she never wanted to have him.

Seymour reflects on three generations of his family history and often tells family stories to make sense of his years of emotional insecurity and feelings of being unloved and.....